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I’m a New Graduate!

As of Wednesday, September 15th, I am a full fledged graduate and now hold a Master of Education in Learning and Technology from the Teacher’s College at Western Governors University! It is so surreal – I can’t believe I finished the program in 18 months. I found a semi-inexpensive master’s program that was online and with accreditation that was accepted in the Texas State Board of Certification. My goal is to use this degree to find a teaching position online either for a virtual middle/high school or online adjunct instructor/professor position. If you are in need of someone for a position like this please contact me!

I could not have completed this degree program without my professional learning network (PLN). Twitter/Plurk/Facebook friends shared words of encouragement, resources and supported my research efforts by completing surveys and evaluating my Moodle course created for teachers to acquire technology integration skills and assist students to become better problem solvers (you can use the guest login to view the Moodle course I created as part of my capstone research project http://caisefiles.edumoot.com/course/view.php?id=11).

I want to thank several people that were instrumental in assisting me throughout my degree program. My WGU mentor, Janet Loy, was  instrumental in guiding me through the program and answering my endless questions. Thank you to my invaluable PLN for sharing their time, resources and knowledge with me. A special thank you to Peggy George who spent countless hours offering words of wisdom, encouragement and coached me through the various parts of the capstone research project that I had to complete.

My Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-hosts Peggy George and Lorna Costantini provided endless support and advice throughout the past 18 months. I was surprised this past Saturday during our regular Saturday show with a special web tour page (http://live.classroom20.com/congratulations-kim.html) sharing with everyone my recent accomplishment. I was so honored!

My last, but not least, thank you goes out to my husband, Marty, for encouraging me during frustrating moments, discussing ideas for my papers and project, and for supporting my decision to seek a master’s degree program paid with school loans.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who contributed to this endeavor. It was a long, arduous journey and marks the start of a new direction in my career. Cheers everyone!