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What is your Six Word Inaugural Address?

President Obama's Inauguration Speech -prblog's photostream

President Obama's Inauguration Speech -prblog's photostream

While reading some educational blogs online today, I came across an article on the Teacher Leaders Network website. The article was entitled, “Six-Word Inaugural Addresses“, and referred to a challenge to create an inaugural address with only six words. The challenge was originally issued by the National Constitution Center.

When SMITH Magazine and the National Constitution Center invited Americans to write six-word inauguration addresses (or, more accurately, “six words to inspire a nation”), we were reminded that in six words a President can say a lot. In his 1961 inaugural address, for example, John F. Kennedy told the world that America would “pay any price, bear any burden” to assure the success of liberty.

The winning phrase in this year’s SMITH-NCC contest was submitted by Donna Formica-Wilsey of Philadelphia, PA, who wrote: “Divided by fear, united in hope.”

To accompany this blog post I was looking for an image on flickr in the creative commons area and came across the wordle I uploaded here using President Obama’s inauguration speech text – I think the image captures the essence and power of words to inspire and motivate.

In the spirit of the recent inauguration of President Obama I pose this same challenge to you: what would your six word inaugural address be?