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What is your best blogging tip?

Lorna Costantini (Elearning Center) and I are embarking on another training venture. We are hosting a series of workshops on blogging for beginners and classroom blogging for beginners. For those new to blogging, what is your best tip for blogging? Creating and maintaining a blog can be daunting to new users so what would be your best tip for a new blogger? Be sure to share your blog URL when you leave your comment as I want to share examples in our sessions. Thanks!

Do you create websites?

Are you an experienced website creator? If so, I need you! I need your tips on creating websites. Lorna Costantini and I are embarking upon a new training endeavor (Elearning Center) and need your help. We are conducting a new session on creating websites. If you create websites we would love to hear your number one tip to share with new web designers. Much our focus will be about classroom websites but please share your tip even if it does not relate to a classroom website. During our session on Wednesday, April 21st at 7pm EST (http://www.learncentral.org/event/67368) I would to share the tips you leave on this blog post. Be sure to share your website URL so we can check out your work!

We will be demonstrating features of using weebly but welcome examples and tips for other blogging platforms.