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Dabble in Dabbleboard

As I was reading the Twitter posts from people I follow, Justin Reeve, author of the “Insights into Educational Technology” blog, submitted a post about Dabbleboard. I decided to check it out and was so glad that I did! Often times I had said to myself that I wish there was a way to show someone on the internet how to do some type of process, demonstration, diagram or facilitate an activity on a virtual whiteboard. Dabbleboard is one such tool.

When drawing a diagram using Dabbleboard, you can use the mouse to draw a circle or rectangle and Dabbleboard automatically converts the object to a typical diagram object. Use can also use the freehand tools to draw objects as well. You can resize and move objects as well as add text anywhere in the diagram by clicking in the whitespace and typing. I created a very basic diagram to demo some of the features of Dabbleboard below.

Make sure you click on the diagram image. It will take you to the public link (hopefully since the link was associated with my email). While there, manipulate a few of the objects and try some of the the tools. I tried several images of the screenshot but haven’t been able to find one that doesn’t look blurry to me. Anway, the resolution of the actual Dabbleboard diagram is much better.

The main feature that I liked is the ability to share the diagram created. I haven’t played with the feature yet but from the video tour it appears that several people can collaborate, edit and view the same diagram. You can import objects into the workspace for additional collaboration.

One think I had to remember was to click on the object to activate the selection handles to move or resize. Overall, this is a great free tool that I will definitely use with students and when collaborating with colleagues. I see endless opportunities to use this tool. Thanks Justin for sharing!