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DEN Spring Virtual Conference

Discovery Education

The DEN is hosting their 2010 Spring Virtual Conference this Saturday, April 24, 2010 from 9am to 4pm EDT. The virtual conference is a fantastic opportunity to learn, share and network with tons of educators. You can register for the free conference here.

Join online and in-person for Discovery Education’s Virtual Conference: Connect the Thoughts. The high-quality, professional development seminars scheduled for this event will focus on providing attendees the skills, techniques and tools they need to leap into the world of digital content and educational technology. You will have the opportunity to learn from education experts from across the U.S. and Canada that will bring you new insights. During this unique professional development event you have the flexibility to attend online or in-person at one of many regional events hosted by DEN Leadership Councils.

We are canceling our ‘Classroom 2.0 LIVE!’ show this Saturday so everyone can participate in the virtual conference. Next Saturday, May 1st, we will resume our regular schedule. The topic will be ‘ISTE 2010 Plans and Preparation’ with special guest, Steve Hargadon. Even if you are unable to attend we hope that you will join in the discussion and participate in the virtual sessions that will be streamed online in Elluminate live from the conference.

San Antonio Day of Discovery

This past Saturday, December 5th, I had the great fortune to be able to participate in the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) San Antonio Day of Discovery. There was so much fun, collaboration and sharing throughout the day. Steve Dembo, Mike Bryant and Justin Karkow were fanstastic presenters! Malinda McCormack, PBS/KLRN and Jennifer Faulkner, Alamo Heights ISD/TCEA Reg 20, put on a fantastic day of learning in conjunction with the DEN guys.

It was so refreshing to work with teachers that were new to using streaming and/or technology tools in their classrooms. So many technology tools were shared in sessions with the DEN guys and put into practice in the playground area. I assisted Elaine Plybon and Linda Rush, DEN Leadship Council for Texas, for part of the last playground session and struggled using Macbooks instead of Windows computers. I couldn’t remember half of the things that I needed to to use the Macbooks effectively and certainly wasn’t much help to Elaine and Linda!

Miguel, Malinda and Steve

After the session I was invited to join Malinda, the DEN guys and Miguel Guhlin for dinner that evening at a local restaurant. My husband made us run late as he was watching a U of A game but that’s another story! The fun was in full swing as you can see from the pictures here. Even though everyone was ‘off the clock’, tech talk still occurred and we reminisced about the good ‘ole days when I first started using technology and when I worked under Miguel Guhlin as a campus instructional technologist (CIT) in the San Antonio ISD (SAISD). There was so much experience and knowledge about integrating technology at one table it was overwhelming!

I was only able to work with Miguel for a year before my position as a CIT was cut but he served as a great mentor, encourager and support in my personal learning network. I started following him on Twitter and maintaining my own blog as a result of his prodding and encouragement. As a result of following him on Twitter and subscribing to his blog,

When I first saw Miguel that morning, I excitedly greeted him and we began to talk about the many things that I am doing online. He jokingly says that he never heard, read or knew that he was my mentor and I credit my online success as a result of me following his suggestions to step out of my comfort area and take a risk by

Miguel’s prodding started the path of becoming a huge advocate for using Twitter/Plurk to learn about technology education, present for state and national conference about instructional technology, applying to become a STAR Educator with the DEN, to participating in webcasts and the webcast academy at EdTechTalk to now co-hosting the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! weekly broadcast in Elluminate/LearnCentral, moderating Ellumiante sessions and serving as the Flat Classroom™  Project Administrator with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay.

This long, wandering, ever growing path all started with Miguel modeling the right way to do things personally and professionally with technology. I followed his lead and been afforded some awesome opportunities that I am truly grateful for and work with some awesome colleagues. Steve Hargadon is immensely supportive of me and helps me grow all the time interviewing people and conducting Elluminate sessions. Julie and Vicki are phenomenal people to work with and I have learned so much from my personal learning network that would not have been possible had I not started following my passion of doing things onlineand creating a digital footprint.

To top off all the fun, it was Steve’s birthday and he celebrated it San Antonio style at dinner! You can read more about the Day of Discovery from Miguel’s blog at http://www.mguhlin.org/2009/12/san-antonio-day-of-discovery-podcasts.html. (The picture is a bit blurry as I just got my Blackberry a week or so before and was still new at using the features of the phone.)

“Sharks After Dark” Dive

dive 1_001

Learning how to use the Scuba Gear

This morning I participated in the  “Sharks after Dark” event co-hosted by DEN in SL and PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors in Second Life. I had a fantastic time!

I arrived early for our dive tour to learn how to adjust our settings and put on our scuba gear. We were put into groups of six to go on the automated tour deep beneath the ocean’s surface. After exploring the ocean floor for awhile we surfaced and were taken back to the starting point. What an adventure we had!

dive 2_002

Sunken Pirate Ship

On our tour, we saw all kinds of sea creatures swimming among the ruins of sunken ships and along the ocean floor. Dangerous sharks swam near us but none of us were harmed!


Surfing with the Sharks - DE*


Horseback Riding - DE*

There are a host of things to see below the ocean’s surface including caves, coral reefs and sunken pirate ships.

Several people went surfing or hang gliding at Dive World. I didn’t get to spend time as much time surfing or hang gliding as I would have liked to as I had to run over to the Elluminate room for our “Classroom 2.0 LIVE!” show but I will definitely return to the Dive World and explore the ocean floor and marine life.

Hang Gliding above Dive World - DE*

Hang Gliding above Dive World - DE*

After you finished exploring the ocean’s floor, you can go horseback riding and tour the rest of the island. There are some wonderful vegetation and wildlife to see immersed throughout the sim.

Next time you want to go scuba diving but don’t want to travel to Cancun or Cozumel, hop online and head over to Dive World to take in the sights high above ocean’s surface by hang gliding or below and go diving. You will truly be amazed and delighted!

I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped make the sim in SL, the “Sharks after Dark” event and purchase of my scuba gear possible! Dive World is a fantastic resource  that is fun and informational. Thanks DEN!

Note: DE* – Images taken from the DiscoveryEducation’s Photostream group at Flickr.com