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Can We Talk?

No, I am not impersonating Joan Rivers but I do want to reflect upon the importance of developing a conversation in a blog. As shared in Vicki Davis‘ blog, “The Cool Cat Teacher Blog“, the development of a two way conversation is key to building a successful blog. In the post, “How to Comment Like a King or Queen”:

“Commenting has truly been the fuel that has fired readership for my blog and opportunity for me. It is also part of being a responsible blogger in general. If one is an expert, I guess they may just want to keep their “wisdom” on their own blog, but the true conversation participants are those who contribute to the discussion wherever the blog posting is.”

She continues to discuss appropriate ways to leave a comment on someone’s blog. Make it meaningful and relevant to the posting and let the blog’s author know that you get them, understand and can relate to whatever the author was sharing. A dialogue or conversation with spark up and give each author additional content to read, reflect and write. Create relationships with ‘neighbors’, blog authors that write about postings on your blog, and become part of the bigger picture – making a difference in the life of a reader or yourself via a post your wrote or an especially moving comment left on your blog that significantly impacts you. Leaving comments does not need to be a daunting task when responding to a post on the ‘superedubloggers’ blog. Meaningful comments are always welcome, appreciated and necessary to spark the educational discourse that we are seeking to change and make a difference, leaving our imprint upon the world, one blog at a time.