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Calling All Math Teachers or Moodlers?

Are you a Moodler? Are you a math teacher? Then I NEED you! As part of my capstone project for my grad program at Western Governors University (WGU), I have to conduct a formative evaluation. I need reviewers to evaluate the math problems solving Moodle course that I created.

If you are unfamiliar with Moodle, no need to worry. Not an upper level math teacher? That’s okay too. I need the reviewers to evaluate the course based only on the content and quality of the learning activities. The course features activities that require teachers to create a VoiceThread and a ‘mathcast‘, a screencast featuring an explanation of math word problem or algorithm. If you are unfamiliar with VoiceThread and creating screencasts, even better since that is the target audience for the math course.

I know there were some broken links in the first module of the course but feel free to list those as part of the suggestions for improvements. As an evaluator you will be looking for ways to revise and improve the course. Please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the Moodle course length and link to the survey for your responses. As a compensation for your time, I will be happy to buy you a cup of coffee.

Calling all Educators!

This past April 1, 2009, I decided to take the plunge and start a master’s program. I enrolled at Western Governors University and am working towards a Master of Education in Learning and Technology. As a culminating project, I will be writing a capstone project about the following instructional problem:

Teachers frequently express frustration with the quality of professional development they receive about effective ways to integrate technology technology into their teaching.

I have posed a possible solution to the above instructional problem:

mwsnap01247“A learning management system will be created featuring an online Moodle community with modules that will train teachers on basic technology skills and ways to integrate technology into teachers’ content area(s) to enrich student learning. This will result in teachers taking ownership of their learning, changing negative perceptions of online professional development and creating similar online  activities for their students to participate.

Moodle will be the tool used to deliver the online training sessions. The goal is to deliver quality professional development online that is accessible 24/7, that is meaningful and relative delivered online to the participating teachers.  I haven’t worked out all of the details as I am just in the needs analysis phase and am just starting to gather data.

I have created two different instruments to gather data. One is a Google form at:


If you could take a moment and share the link with your colleagues I would great appreciate it. Feel free to tweet, plurk, post on your blog, Facebook, or anywhere that you think would help drive educators to complete the survey. Educators from Superintendent to the beginning teacher are invited to complete the two instruments to get a wide range of responses. The audience is all educators; more specifically educators new to using technology.

The second is a short questionnaire embedded at one of my wikis:


The questions are completely open ended and your answers can be very brief or extensive – whatever you have time to write. I know time is a valuable commodity for everyone so I understand if you are not able to complete either one of the intruments. If you aren’t able to complete the instruments but can share with colleagues the links to the instruments I greatly appreciate it.