Student Sit-In in Texas

Amidst the budget issues and heated conversations among legislators and educators throughout Texas, students in Keller, Texas stated a sit-in in support of their teachers.

According to the article, “Hundreds of Keller school district students protest budget cuts”,

Students staged a sit-in outside the front door of the school, chanting “save our teachers,” as a few students used a megaphone to address the crowd.

“I think it’s important that our teachers don’t get fired, especially the good teachers,” Rachel said.

Colby said he wanted to rally around Kyle Sammons, a U.S. History teacher and coach who received a termination notice. He said Sammons gave freely of his time to students, especially in helping with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Sammons spoke to the students and asked them to go into the school auditorium to talk about their concerns.

About 500 students gathered in the auditorium to listen to Principal Todd Tunnell discuss the budget crisis, “a problem that is bigger than Timber Creek or Keller ISD.”
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If I were one of the several teachers referenced in the article that I would be extremely proud of these students. Regardless of whether one agrees with the students about whether or not they should have missed class to participate in this sit-in, at some point a teacher touched the lives of these students and truly made an impact on these students. What an honor it is to be an educator that has made a difference in the lives of their students that they would participate in a sit-in to announce to state legislators and district school boards that Texas teachers are invaluable and jobs should be protected. 

As an educator, I would hope my students recognize how much I cared for them and was an advocate for their education. Would your students be willing to risk all and participate in a sit-in to help protect your teaching position?


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