PD in your PJ's

Saturday, April 30 is a day packed day full of professional development in your pajamas! We have cancelled our ‘Classroom 2.0 LIVE’ show today so that our attendees can participate in one of the free virtual conferences referenced below. No need to travel, find parking, fight traffic or navigate through crowds trying to get to sessions before they are filled. Two of the virtual conferences that are free to attend are the ‘Discovery Education Network (DEN) Spring Virtual Conference 2011‘ and the ‘Way Out West (WOW) AzTea Virtual Conference‘.

The WOW Conference will be an exciting time of webinars in Elluminate featuring Angela Maiers and Steve Farber as keynote speakers. You can find out more information about the WOW Conference here. For those in Arizona, you can participate in one of the live events throughout the state associated with the virtual conference. Follow the Twitter hashtag of #wowvtc11 to be kept up to date regarding the virtual conference. There is a Moodle course full of details for each session with supplementary materials related to each session.

The DEN is hosting their Spring Virtual Conference for 2011 and have a great lineup of sessions scheduled throughout the day starting at 9:00am EST.This year’s theme is ‘Think Outside the Book‘ with strategies to integrate digital media and web tools in instruction with less dependence on traditional textbooks. You can view the schedule and list of in-person events centered around the Spring Virt Con. Registration is required and you can click here to access the registration page. It isn’t necessary to be a teacher on a campus that subscribes to Discovery Streaming Services as the ideas shared are applicable to a variety of grade levels, content areas and technology tools or resources.

Think Outside the Book with thousands of educators from all over the world as we connect during this unique professional development experience where you can attend in-person, online or both!

Learn powerful ways to integrate digital media and Web 2.0 tools into your instruction as well as discover an abundance of resources to expand your own personal learning network.

Regardless of which virtual conference you attend, all sessions are free and will be recorded so that you can view the recordings at a later date. Grab a cup of coffee, fire up your computer, and relax in your comfy PJ’s!

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