DEN Guru Finalists

I am so honored to be selected as one of twelve finalists to potentially become a Discovery Education Network (DEN) Guru. What is a DEN Guru? I am glad you asked. According to the DEN, below is how the DEN defines the role and shares what is in store if selected for a DEN Guru position.

It goes without saying that within the DEN community we have an overabundance of talent. Every STAR has his/her own special talents, skills and passion for utilizing digital content across the curriculum. We want to continue to provide opportunities for STARs to share their knowledge with the community so last year we announced another membership level – DEN Gurus.

DEN Gurus are STAR Discovery Educators who possess expertise of one or more pedagogical topics (e.g., Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, etc.), have demonstrated their expertise through a variety of professional experiences, and advocate for the meaningful integration of Discovery Education digital content across their area(s) of expertise.

DEN Gurus will be promoted throughout the community as thought leaders in the educational field and have the opportunity to share their expertise in a variety of ways. The current DEN Gurus were featured in THE Journal.

DEN Gurus will:

  • be featured as regular contributors to the Global DEN blog
  • present their own featured DEN webinar
  • represent the DEN at a major educational conference during the year (registration and travel expenses covered by the DEN)

Next week we have to make a presentation before a panel of judges about our proposed topic. I almost didn’t apply as I wasn’t sure my presentation and artifacts of expertise and technology integration was up to snuff with some of the other DEN STARs and members. All are invited to join the 25 minute presentations so please join us and support your favorite finalist. The DEN expected to select 10 finalists but indicated the applicants, “… were phenomenal! We set out to choose 10 finalists and couldn’t do it. The expertise in this community just blows us away.”  Below are the 12 finalists and I am sure you will recognize several of the names. My session is scheduled for Wednesday so be sure to register for Wednesday and come cheer us on!

Monday 4/18 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)
6pm- Charlene Chausis   ePub and the Future of the Book
6:30pm- Michael Gorman Advancing STEM Education On A Scratch
7pm- Elaine Plybon Using Media for Student-Centered Assessment
7:30pm- Rita Mortenson Project-Based Learning using iMovie and Discovery Streaming

Wednesday 4/20 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)
6pm- Kim Caise Global Collaboration Projects using Web Tools and Web Conferences
6:30pm- Kathy Schrock Twitter: Cure What Ails You
7pm- Lea Anne Daughrity Touching 21st Century Science
7:30pm- David Fisher The Fab Four Video Projects

Thursday 4/21 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)
6pm- Dean Mantz Engaging Students Visually
6:30pm- Cheryl Lykowski The Collaborative Classroom: Integrating Collaboration & Digital Tools Within the 21st Century Classroom
7pm- Monique Liles Creating E-Learning Courses for the Social Studies Classroom
7:30pm- Jennifer Wagner Online Projects — Why, When, Who, Where, How

Monday 4/18 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)

Wednesday 4/20 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)

Thursday 4/21 6-8pm EDT (Register here.)


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