Help Save Texas Schools – Legislative Action for this Week

According to a summary of legislative action for this week from the Texas American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the following is slated on the legislators’ docket:

The Week Ahead at the State Capitol: Notable committee hearings for the coming week touch on taxes, the budget, and education policy. Here’s a sampling:

–Senate Finance Subcommittee on Public Education Funding:  This panel of seven senators is expected to produce a new recommendation on the state budget for public schools by the end of the coming week. Meanwhile the subcommittee will continue to look at ways to revamp the school-finance system and improve on the dismal first draft of the state budget, which has school districts all over the state preparing for mass layoffs of teachers and other school personnel.

–House Appropriations Committee:  A subcommittee on public and higher education will begin forwarding proposals on the education budget to the full committee next week. The subcommittee heard further testimony from the commissioner of education today. Commissioner Robert Scott once more said that the state’s ambitious goals for educational achievement under the new STAAR accountability system cannot be met with the low levels of funding provided in the initial budget draft.

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