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This will be the first post in a new series about the devastating news of a lack of educational funding for 2011-2012. The number of educators affected will easily surpass those in California that were RIFed or had a position that in danger of being cut. Texas has a ‘Rainy Day Fund” that could be used to compensate for the budget deficits although  the Texas legislators don’t want to use this fund to support education. Billions, not just millions, are in danger of being cut or not renewed in a host of areas related to education, primarily educational technology, for the next school year starting in August 2011.

From the Texas Ed Tech Advocacy website:

Position Statement: Save Education and Technology Funding

In 1991, the Texas Legislature created a funding stream of $30 a student1 that is dedicated to equipping our schools with technology and the resources and training to use it.

For nineteen years, this funding stream has helped finance the increasing need to integrate technology into the education of Texas children, as well as provide the technological infrastructure that is required to run a school district in this digital age. These funds help to provide the network, equipment, digital content, Internet access, and professional development that today’s students and teachers need to prepare for tomorrow’s economy.

The 72nd Texas Legislature and every legislature since has known that a dedicated source of funding is needed to assist Texas public schools in implementing the State Board of Education’s Long-Range Plan for Technology.

The plan states:

“The goal in teaching and learning must be to empower young citizens to live and learn in a continuously changing 21st century environment and to enable this citizenry to effectively interact in a global marketplace. The globalization of society creates an educational challenge extending the goals of teaching and learning in the 21st century far beyond the walls of the classroom and confines of a traditional school schedule. It is the responsibility of this state’s leadership to respond to these educational challenges by providing direction, equitable access, and resources to secure the future of the state of Texas and this nation.”2

In the current economic crisis, it is even more important that the legislative leaders provide equitable access to resources that are essential to equipping this generation with the 21st century skills that are necessary to a thriving Texas economy as well as to ensure that students are globally competitive.

We understand that budget shortfalls make it difficult to increase the funding to meet the current needs of schools, but it would destroy the progress that schools have made if the funds area completely eliminated. We must not go backwards! 

We are asking that the Technology Allotment remain at $30 a student and cuts to Education be minimized.



1 Technology Allotment – Education Code (TEC) Chapter 32 §32.005(B)
Long-Range Plan for Technology 2006-2020

To support with an e-Signature: 

e-Signatures will be compiled and sent to Texas Legislators along with the position statement.



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