Achieving Harmony with

I have recently started using a MS Outlook Plugin and have come to love this plugin. It is called Harmon.ieand it helps bring ‘harmony’ to your email app and Google docs. If you use MS Sharepoint, the plugin will work with MS Outlook and Sharepoint. I use it strictly for Google docs and Ms Outlook and just love it.

Although I am not a huge fan of MS products, I am a heavy user of MS Outlook. I use it as my RSS reader, email client, calendar program, and organizer of my contacts. When I create a Google doc and want to email it to collaborators, I can do that from within Outlook. The screenshot is of an email with the sidebar showing. You can access all of the folders, now called collections, like you would online. I haven’t noticed a lag or had my Outlook crash since I installed it several weeks ago.

It took me awhile to get the hang of it and to understand the features of the plugin.I took a screenshot of my inbox with the sidebar and pasted it here. I discovered how to use the feature to set collaborators after sending each collaborator 9 invites to one document. Despite the mess it created, I learned how to use the features and am totally loving this plugin!

Additionally, I can upload a document to Google docs when I send the email to my outbox andcan choose whether the collaborators. I can also select which of my folders, or collections, I want to post the document to in Google docs. I no longer have to create the doc, upload it, share it, email the collaborators or find the link to the Google doc to include it in an email weeks after I had originally created the doc.  Such a timesaver!

At the moment, the plugin is free and I have seen where MS Outlook can be purchased for educators around $49 and as low as $19. If you are using MS Outlook, I encourage you to explore this free plugin. I haven’t found another plugin that is free that saves as much time as this one app and is as inexpensive this one is. Can’t beat free!

What web tool or resource do you use that is a huge time saver for yourself, your colleagues/staff, your family or your students?


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