The Funny Things Kids Say

Have you ever heard a young child say something that sound inappropriate until you probed further realizing the youngster used a word incorrectly or you simply misheard, misunderstood or misinterpreted what was said? @Honeymic on Plurk recently shared this anecdote below (if you are a plurker, here is a link to the original plurk:

Several other people commented and shared similar anecdotes that were just as hilarious as the one from @honeymic. Another person suggested that we all share our humorous anecdotes and that spurred me on to create this Google form.

Once the data has been collected, I will create a book at Issue or Lulu and make it available to download for free. So, please take a few minutes and reflect upon your career in education. Share your favorite humorous conversation you heard and help bring joy and laughter back to someone else’s life.



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