Do You Love to Win Prizes? Then Join Us!

This Thursday, December 30th at 12pm EST, Classroom 2.0 LIVE will have its final show of 2010.  We are counting down to the new year with a ‘Countdown Smackdown’. We have some exciting things planned including virtual food, fun and festivities. Part of those festivities will include a look back at our past shows and special guests by sharing personal reflections about the webinars of 2010 as well as a Countdown Smackdown where you can share your favorite or unique technology tool or resource. If you would like to share a tool, please complete the sign up form here.

We will also hold three drawings for the following prizes –

  • a USB microscope
  • an Amazon Gift Certificate (you can use this to purchase an iTunes gift card!)
  • $1200 in Gaggle Safe Online Learning Environment accounts (a one year subscription)

  • We are also requesting that people leave a comment on the VoiceThread tribute to Steve (don’t want to use his full name so that this post doesn’t come up in any Google alerts) about how you met him and the impact he has had on you personally or professionally. The VoiceThread will be presented to Steve on December 30th so if you see him online please don’t tell him about it – I have asked him to stay away from all VoiceThreads until after the show on December 30th. He has confirmed he will join us that day so be sure to contribute to the VoideThread and join us for the Countdown Smackdown! You can respond to the VoiceThread here.


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