We were Nominated!

It’s that time again! Time to vote the nominees for the Edublog Awards. While there are so many valuable contributors and innovative educators nominated, we hope that you will vote for our webinar series, “Classroom 2.0 LIVE!” at http://edublogawards.com/2010awards/best-educational-webinar-series….  The competition is fierce for all of the categories and we are honored and thank McTeach for her dedication to our webinar series and for nominating us.

Please consider voting for the Classroom 2.0.com Ning as the best educational use of a social network at http://edublogawards.com/2010awards/best-educational-use-of-a-socia…

Consider voting for Classroom 2.0 Ning again or the Global Education Conference held in November 2010 at http://edublogawards.com/2010awards/best-use-of-a-pln-2010/.

Regardless of who you vote for in each category, please take a few moments to vote for your favorites and honor those educators who have devoted time to sharing with their online colleagues at http://edublogawards.com/.


One response to “We were Nominated!

  1. Hi Kim!

    It was my pleasure to nominate my favorite form of professional development for an EduBlog Award! I can’t imagine Saturday mornings without Classroom 2.0 Live.

    Good luck!!!

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