Just One of My Reasons to Give Thanks

Just before Thanksgiving, we purchased a domain and year of hosting with Siteground for a grand total of $9.95 for the entire year! They are running a special right now and we couldn’t pass it up. When we first inquired, my husband was told that installing WordPress blogs and Moodle were super easy. This was far from the truth!

My husband and I installed and researched solutions as to why we were unable to create sub directories or sub domains. I forgot which. My husband is the technical guru in the house here. He consulted with tech support and tech support set up sub domains (or vice versa) and that isn’t what we wanted for the URL. We spent hours and hours and my husband gave up for the time being but I persisted! I contacted Sue Waters (@suewaters) on Skype and told her what we were trying to do and what we were actually seeing. She was super busy with Edublogger things but said when she got free she would assist me.

In the meantime, I had solicited assistance and advice on Twitter and was overwhelmed by the response I got. Several of my Twitter followers referred me to WordPress gurus. @aforgrave and @mrjarbenne was instrumental in helping us solve the problem. I don’t know exactly what the problem was but @mrjarbenne explained it to my husband. He understood but it is all Greek to me. It had something to do with the .htaccess config file or something like that. Regardless, @aforgrave and @mrjarbenne were phenomenal and I am very thankful for their efforts this Thanksgiving.

When all was said and done it was about midnight CST in San Antonio, Texas. @grade1, @aforgrave and @mrjarbenne were up in Canada. In the span of three hours, the problem was resolved. I messaged Sue on Skype and told her all was taken care of and we were all set. While this situation was very frustrating, it was interesting to me to see this unfold. There were tons of messages and DMs back and forth on Twitter.

Despite our difficulties and struggles getting WordPress set up, we are still glad we went with Siteground as the website and Moodle set up were very easy. The initial install of WordPress was super easy but we were complicating things by wanting a distinct set up. Other than this hiccup, the installation and use of the control panel were ‘super easy’ as they claimed.

If you are interested in a bargain for a new domain and an entire year of hosting for only $9.95 as part of Siteground’s Thanksgiving special I encourage you to explore their offerings. If this is a first time purchase for you I think you will find it very easy to use if your setup is for just one person. The trouble we encountered was with the multi-site and network set up that was causing our frustration. Special thanks goes out to @jenwagner on Twitter for sharing this bargain special with me!

I knew that after this issue was resolved, I was going to write a blog post on our multi-site WordPress blog about the difficulties we encountered and how my Professional/Personal Learning Network (PLN) was responsible for assisting us with the blog setup. Aviva (@grade1) summed it up perfectly when she said, “Wow! Definitely speaks to the power of a PLN!” as shown in the Tweet above (click the image to enlarge).

I will continue with this blog and my NEW blog at our new domain of http://www.pumpuplearning.com (still under construction).  I titled it, as a result of a suggestion from my hubby, @martycaisejr. So on this day of Thanksgiving, I give thanks for everyone that contributed to this learning opportunity and hope it was a blessed day for you and your family.


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