McDonald's, I'm NOT Lovin' it

My sister went to a McDonald’s on Culebra near Woodlawn Avenue in San Antonio to see if the manager could donate 9 of the empty buckets they are giving with happy meals and mighty kids meals. The manager said no and that she would have to call the main McDonald’s number which of course no one ever answered. I

t is really sad as I know McDonald’s has donated to lots of community activities and who more than anyone needs comforting and special treats (no pun intended with trick or treating on Halloween) than the children in the children’s shelter. These three and four year olds are living in an isolated ‘cottage’ as they call it, which is essentially a dorm for children. The kiddoes are separated from their parents and are not housed with their siblings. They are torn from their families, which is usually a good thing for most of the children housed there, and McDonald’s can’t donate 9 empty treat buckets? My sister wasn’t asking for herself, for her family or for kids with families that could afford the buckets. Most McDonald’s do a lot for the community and have a budget set aside to fulfill requests for donations. How much would the buckets have cost McDonald’s? Probably a handful of dollars at the most. How sad that this particular McDonald’s refused to help the little ones with a bucket to to fill with treats.


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