K12Online: Call for Proposals – Extended Deadline

The date for submitted a proposal to present for the K12 Online Conference has been extended to August 23rd. The theme of the conference this year is ‘Cultivating the Future” and proposals can be submitted by clicking here.  Accepted proposals will be announced around the 1st of September. There are four strands to the conference and each strand has a co-convener that is responsible for overseeing presentations for that strand.  The four co-conveners are Wes Fryer, Jose Rodriguez, Maria Knee and Amanda Marrinan. Presentations can be created via a screencast, slideshow, etc. and can be no longer than 20 minutes.

More information about K12Online from the K12 Online Conference:

OVERVIEW: K12 Online 2010 will feature four “conference strands,” two each week, and include “LAN Party” live events on the Saturday following each week of the regular conference in partnership with EdTechTalk. Two presentations will be published in each strand each day, Monday through Friday, so four new presentations will be available each day over the course of the two weeks. Including the pre-conference keynote, a total of 41 presentations will be published. Each twenty minute (or less) presentation will be shared online in a downloadable and embeddable formats, and released simultaneously via the conference blog (www.k12onlineconference.org,) the conference Twitter account, and the conference audio and video podcast channels. All presentations will be archived online for posterity. If you are planning to submit a proposal, please review archived presentations from past years to determine what you might offer that is new and builds on previous work.

Our 2010 conference theme “Cultivating the Future,” is based on two ideas: A quotation from William Gibson and the metaphor of gardening and cultivation to grow relationships, networks, ways of learning, and develop ideas. William Gibson is credited with the quotation, “The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.”* As William observed, signs of the future are visible in many places today. It is our desire, as organizers of the K-12 Online Conference, to showcase and amplify these examples of forward-thinking pedagogy and digitally-powered learning. In Josh Little’s article, “5 Tips for Knowledge Gardeners: How to Grow a Collaborative Learning Community,” he articulates many parallels between the work of gardeners and those seeking to cultivate vibrant learning communities. In both cases, leaders need to cultivate fertile soil. Josh notes, “Expert gardeners know that a garden is only as good as the soil in which it is planted. Throwing high quality seeds on a rocky seedbed won’t yield the results they want. The same is true for creating the right collaborative learning environment for your organization. So before you start, ask yourself what would get in the way of open sharing within your organization.” He identifies three potential obstacles for sharing and growth:

  1. Culture — will people feel comfortable sharing?
  2. Tools — do people have access to computers and the internet and know how to use them?
  3. Time — is it acceptable that people take the time necessary to develop themselves?

You can read the entire post with the full call for proposals and conference description on the K12 Online Conference website.The hashtag when posting status updates on Twitter, Plurk or other microblog sites is ‘k12online10’. Take a chance, cultivate your future and submit a proposal to present for the free virtual K12 Online Conference!


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