Going to CAMT 2010?

Math image from a DEN member (my apologies for not noting details)

The 2010 Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching conference began today, July 14th in San Antonio, Texas. I will be presenting two sessions on July 15th.If you are attending the conference please stop by and see me. I would love to meet you in person – that was one of the highlights from attending ISTE 2010! I finally got to meet Peggy George and many other great online PLN, Twitter and Plurk buddies (too many to name) in person for the time first time!

I will be presenting two sessions tomorrow. The first session will be at 11:45am where I will be talking about using webconferencing to enrich mathematics instruction in room 006A. The second session at 2:15pm is titled, ‘Terrific Teaching Tips for Teaching TEKS and TAKS’ in room 202A. In the state of Texas, we have six objectives that address the standards for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test administed to all third through high school students. There are benchmakr years where students must pass the reading and/or math portions of the TAKS test before being promoted to the next grade level so teachers and students are under a great deal of stress. Hopefully my presentations will re-energize and motivate teachers to move from ‘good to great’ (title of a great book by Jim Collins!) when designing and delivering their mathematics lessons.

One thing I found to be somewhat of a hindrance as a presenter is the fact that the only type of equipment that will be provided to speakers is an overhead projector. It has been a struggle preparing presentations where I cannot show a website. The conference website states the following:

  1. AV equipment – One overhead projector, screen, and power cord will be provided in every room.  This is the only equipment that CAMT will provide.  Computers and computer projection devices will not be provided.
  2. Internet access will not be provided by CAMT.

Having just come back from ISTE 2010 in Denver, Colorado where internet access was ubiquitous at the convention center and expected to no internet access at all is a HUGE paradigm shift. I realize that CAMT may be perceived as primarily a Texas math teachers conference with a low budget for conference fees. Presenters receive free registrations for speaking so there is some loss of revenue by compensating the speakers. The conference rotates between San Antonio, Houston and Dallas, Texas every summer. Each year that CAMT comes to San Antonio I jump at the chance to be involved. Math teachers stress to students and are pressured by administrators and state legislatures to integrate technology into mathematics instruction. Yet this conference is in a time warp regarding the integration of technology.


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