Calling All Math Teachers or Moodlers?

Are you a Moodler? Are you a math teacher? Then I NEED you! As part of my capstone project for my grad program at Western Governors University (WGU), I have to conduct a formative evaluation. I need reviewers to evaluate the math problems solving Moodle course that I created.

If you are unfamiliar with Moodle, no need to worry. Not an upper level math teacher? That’s okay too. I need the reviewers to evaluate the course based only on the content and quality of the learning activities. The course features activities that require teachers to create a VoiceThread and a ‘mathcast‘, a screencast featuring an explanation of math word problem or algorithm. If you are unfamiliar with VoiceThread and creating screencasts, even better since that is the target audience for the math course.

I know there were some broken links in the first module of the course but feel free to list those as part of the suggestions for improvements. As an evaluator you will be looking for ways to revise and improve the course. Please leave a comment with your email address and I will send you the Moodle course length and link to the survey for your responses. As a compensation for your time, I will be happy to buy you a cup of coffee.


6 responses to “Calling All Math Teachers or Moodlers?

  1. I’d be glad to help you with the moodle. Please post the information.

  2. Moodle person here. I’d be happy to take a look / provide feedback.

  3. have a blog. I live and teach in Mexicali, Mexico

    I´m a Math Professor in Public School. (Boys 15-17 years old)

    I will happy to take a look. Send me the link.

  4. I work with moodle, and I’am a math teacher. I’d be glad to help you. Please send me the information.

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