Connected Leadership Moodle Meet

This week I have had the privilege of co-facilitating and collaborating on the creation of a Moodle course about being a connected leader. The course was created as part of the Connected Leadership Moodle Meet online conference occurring this week. I created the Moodle course with co-collaborators Peggy George and Lorna Costantini. We created a three module course featuring articles, blog posts, images and discussion forums talking about what it means to be a connected leader, parent in a digital world and change agent in a digital world.

The course is free and open to everyone so please share the link with your colleagues. It has been a busy week which is the reason I am writing this blog post mid week instead of last Sunday. Sunday evening we hosted an awesome webinar to start the Moodle Meet online conference. Sunday’s webinar was so moving, so touching. Peggy, Lorna and I shared how and why we created each of the three modules in the course. We had beautiful images from the ‘Flickr Great Quotes about Learning and Change‘ image group and used those to inspire the attendees to get excited about the commencement of the Moodle Meet. We closed by showing the youtube video of Kevin Honeycutt’s song, “I Need My Teachers to Learn“. After the video concluded, it seemed like time stood still for a second with no one saying anything. This was one of the moments when you know you touched the heartstrings of the people that are in your session. This was a rare paycheck of the heart and is the reason that I do what I do.

The title of the Moodle Meet conference is, ‘Connected Leadership for Connected Learning – Are you Ready?’ In depth conversations are happening in the discussion forums and the number of discussion posts and registrants grows every day. It is exciting to see things happening in each of the course modules and I encourage you to join in!

Are you a connected leader? How important are our professional connections to other educators or networks? Can a leader be effective without a PLN or blogging? Do you want to be a change agent? Hopefully you are intrigued and interested in joining our Moodle Meet course. You can create a new account and access the course at The course will be archived and available after this week so you can still reflect upon the items in the various modules. Hopefully the conversations will continue long after the Moodle Meet course has concluded.


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