How are you planning to use Google Wave?

000162A few weeks ago I received the infamous invite to from Google to use Google wave. I excitedly activated my Google Wave account and began searching for Waves to join, read and participate. I sent out the eight invites that I was allocated and started to add contacts and read the Waves people had added me to. Google Waves takes some getting used to but once more people begin using Google Wave I think Skype may become obsolete for instant messaging.

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One fantastic feature is the way Google Wave translates the messages in the Wave in real time. This video is a great demonstration of this feature. This would be an awesome to immerse students in conversation in different languages to collaborate with other students and classrooms around the world. This is definitely a way to ‘flatten classrooms’ and bring the world into the hands of your students.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Google Wave”, posted with vodpod

I am fascinated by what I have seen in the various Waves I have been added so please continue to add me to the conversations (! I noticed that I received another 12 invites so if you would like to receive one of the 12 Google Wave invites post a comment about how you would like to use Google Wave with your students or staff. If I receive more than 12 requests, I will create a survey and people can vote on the best suggestions. So, how are you going to use Google Wave?


5 responses to “How are you planning to use Google Wave?

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Leanne Rainbow and I am a grade 6 science teacher. My school is in its second year of a 1:1 iniative. We use collaboration frequently for student group work, student to teacher conversations and between teachers. We use Google docs for a lot of our work but the lag time is quite frustrating when trying to collaborate in real time. So for many of these projects, we’ve moved to which is awesome in its real time capabilities but it is not very advanced in terms of options. Google Wave looks like an amazing collaborative tool that offers the best of both worlds and I am eager to try it. I have requested an invite from Google but have not yet received that invitation. I’m hoping one of your 12 would be able to be sent my way….. (grin)

    Thank you for the offer and for your blog. I’ve been following it now for several months and have found it really informative.

    Sincerely, Leanne

  2. Thanks Kim. My school just decided this week to block Ethernet too so this is exciting. 🙂

  3. Google Wave testaccount would be much appreciated and used for our virtual helpdesk!

  4. Hi Kim, I received a GoogleWave invitation from a friend last week, and I’ve played with it a bit to find out how it works. I’m planning to use it at the Learning Technologies 2009 conference (#LT2009) next week – I sent my eight invitations to the other members of the planning committee so we can make it a really fun event. If you have another invitation on offer, I have a friend at work who would love to buy in!

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