New Online Position for Me!



Many of you know of my affiliation with the Classroom 2.0 LIVE! show and Classroom founded by Steve Hargadon. Our weekly show is held in Elluminate each Saturday morning and through my affiliation with the show and Steve Hargadon, I was recently offered the part-time position of  ‘Elluminate/LearnCentral Community Facilitator and Flat Classroom™ Project™ Administrator’.

Flat Classroom™ Project

Flat Classroom™ Project

My duties include supporting Elluminate and the new educator community ‘LearnCentral‘ and split my time supporting the Flat Classroom™ Project with Vicki Davis and Julie Lindsay. I assist with coordinating teacher meetings, project announcements and help manage the many projects that Vicki and Julie oversee.

If you haven’t joined LearnCentral I encourage you to check out the community and wealth of resources. Elluminate sponsors both LearnCentral and the Flat Classroom™ Project and funds my position.

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