Invitation to Join the Eracism Project – A Flat Classroom Project

Eracism Project: A Flat Classroom (tm) Project

Eracism Project: A Flat Classroom (™) Project

I just received this email from Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis and wanted to share this invitation to join the new ‘Eracism Project‘ that the Flat Classroom™ Project will soon start. Information about the project and website to apply to join the project follows below.

Apologies for cross-postings but I need to get this information circulated globally and would appreciate any help you can give to get the message to different people and countries. I am still in the process of winding up a few things to do with the inspiring Flat Classroom™ Workshop Kim Cofino and I ran in Hong Kong recently, however this email is for another purpose.

Flat Classroom Projects ™ are very excited to be launching a NEW project for Middle School (Grade 7/8 levels are perfect) called ERACISM. You are invited to APPLY to be part of this pilot project starting VERY SOON. We need schools from around the world to submit teams to make this conversation and debate real!

More details about Eracism can be found on the website at

Please let me know if you have any questions, and please circulate this within your schools and beyond. We need to start this project VERY SOON! This could be run within a language arts/ humanities class (or other!) or as an extra curricular activity with a group such as the student council team as an extra opportunity to interact globally to enhance understanding.

If you are interested in having your middle school students participate in this global debate collaboration project please respond quickly as the project is scheduled to begin shortly.

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