Student Engagement Microgrant Opportunity

ISE-Announce-V2We Are is having another opportunity to submit a microgrant proposal to possibly win $200 and Flip cam.

WeAreTeachers’ partner Quantum Learning Technologies is excited to announce their sponsorship of the new microgrant to promote student engagement.

There are definite elements to promote student engagement: playing, interacting, communicating, dreaming, questioning, and so on. Tell us about a project or idea to engage your students more fully and get the opportunity to receive $200 and a Flip Video camera. The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete. The deadline is September 25th.

Voting will open on September 28th at 8am CST. After voting opens, you, your friends and our teacher community vote for their favorite project. The 10 teachers who receive the most votes will be awarded $200 and a Flip Video camera. To apply visit the WeAreTeachers Community page.

After the microgrant program, the projects will continue to be posted as a resource for other teachers to be inspired with new ideas for their classroom and students.

Don’t miss this opportunity to submit your microgrant proposal to fund your student engagement activities!

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