Do You Believe in Me?

Last year at this time, many educators were sharing the video featuring Dalton Sherman addressing the Dallas ISD opening convocation in Dallas, Texas where he asked the rhetorical question, “Do you believe in me?”. I was reading a blog post by Miguel Guhlin about videos to reflect upon and he shared a link to the video entitled “Believe” that was created for educators in the Starkville, MS School District.

Vodpod videos no longer available.more about “Starkville, MS School District “Believe”“, posted with vodpod

Although this was designed for the Starkvile, MS School District, the sentiments shared are applicable to any student, teacher, administrator or superintendent.

So what about you, do you believe in ‘me’ with ‘me’ representing any student from any ISD in any city, any state?


2 responses to “Do You Believe in Me?

  1. It’s the people that matter. If a person does not like people, I mean really like working with people then education is not for them. The power of expectations in education is one of the most widely researched areas in education. Why? I believe it is because down deep, we all know our expectations for our students makes a huge difference. Great video! I had not see it before, but will post a blog of my own using the video. Great post!

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