Are the PODs Coming to your School?

I recently came across the presentation below about ‘Personally Owned Devices’ and was reminded that two of the largest school districts here in San Antonio are now allowing students and faculty to bring personal laptops or netbooks to use at school on the district’s networks. I included the NISD news announcement here and the new AUP associated with the new policy.

Most school districts ban students and faculty from bringing personal equipment onto campuses to use on the district network servers. This is a huge stray from the norm and poses many new challenges while opening the door to great possibilities for instructional tools with students as mentioned in the presentation by David Truss.

I came across the presentation embedded below on David Truss’ blog, ‘Pair a dimes for your Thoughts‘. David created the presentation for Alan November’s Building Leadership Communities-BLC09 conference and I thought it was extremely fitting with the new policies recently adopted in the two school districts.  After viewing the presentation, are the PODs coming to your school or school district this fall?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

After viewing the presentation, will  PODs be coming  soon to a school or school district near you?


2 responses to “Are the PODs Coming to your School?

  1. Hi Kim,
    Just wondering how things are going now that POD’s are coming into your school buildings in San Antonio? I’m guessing things have probably been a bit rocky, and probably some teachers (and their students) have soared!
    I think it is one thing to equip a school and prepare for POD’s to come and yet another to get teachers ready to use them effectively.
    Would love to hear how things are going?

  2. Hello just stumbled your site and i thank you for your article it was informative. I am interested about doing link building for my website too. Have you used the program? If so is it good? If not then what is the best tool? Thank you.

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