WeAreTeachers Microgrant Applications Due Now

000047The WeAreTeachers (WAT) community is sponsoring another microgrant contest and applications are currently being accepted until September 18. The topic is ‘Student Engagement’ according to the WAT website.

Apply for a Microgrant to Increase Student Engagement.

There are definite elements to promote student engagement: playing, interacting, communicating, dreaming, questioning, and so on. Tell us about a project or idea to engage your students more fully. Then let your friends and the WAT community cast their votes. The ten persons who garner the most votes will receive the Student-Engagement Microgrant: $200 and a Flip Video camera to launch their projects.

What would you do to increase student engagement?

Memorizing facts and figures has its place in education. And that place is in the dusty halls of educational theories that work in the short term, but that fail the larger and nobler goal of actively engaging students and for awakening their hunger for knowledge, discovery, and self-motivation.

Voting begins September 21 and winners will be announced via email on October 7. This is a great way to fund small projects for your classroom or professional development programs. Be sure to submit your application and check back after September 21 to vote for your favorite  WAT microgrant!


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