Spinscape isn’t so Free after All



I didn’t get to go to NECC this year due to finances so I have been attending (and moderating) NECCunplugged sessions virtually. Today at the WoW2 session Cheri Toledo shared that she had attended a session on Spinscape and was impressed with its features so I decided to check it out.

I hadn’t heard of Spinscape and was pleasantly surprised to find that Spinscape is a collaborative suite of online products. According to the website,

What is Spinscape™ ?

Spinscape™ is a tool users (people like you and me) can fire up to brainstorm, collaborate, annotate, and autodiscover new bits of digital information.


Spinscape’s Autodiscovery Plug-In feature gives you the capability to research information from resources such as Google, Wikipedia, Delicious including IMAGES, VIDEOS, TEXT

Once you’ve found the information you were looking for you can easily drop it into a node within a map

Even create your own plugins or have a 3rd party write the plugins to accomplish your business goals.

Currently, Spinscape allows teams or groups to collaborate on a project in real time anywhere in



the world. New features are added each month. One of the more recent features includes the ability to add music (.mid) files to the mind mapping document created when collaborating with colleagues or team members.

Registration at Spinscape.com is quick and simple. When you first sign up, you receive access to a premium account for the first 30 days. You can continue with the premium account for $9.99 a month or $100 a year. Premimum account features include,

Premium users enjoy all of the features included with a free account–and MORE. You can add attachments, access additional plugins and utilize enhanced collaboration features such as shared editing and real-time chat! See the chart below for more details. Then get the full functionality of Premium for a low monthly price or an even lower annual price!

I thought Spinscape was going to be an exciting new tool but the collaborative piece and chat features are only available as part of the premium subscription and not accessible with the free account. With Google documents and the upcoming Google Wave chat feature available soon within Google docs, I can’t see paying for services when there are quality alternatives available for free. Spinscape isn’t so free after all – bummer.


5 responses to “Spinscape isn’t so Free after All

  1. Site Bookmarked!! I usually dont comment on blogs, but this is an awesome piece of work. I finally found1 that Im into… I’ll be back often.

    • Thank you so much for your kind comment! Glad to know you found the post helpful!


      • Thank you Shannon for taking time to leave a comment in response to my blog post about Spinscape. Although I don’t have subscription to the premium services, I am sure the Auto Discovery Plugins feature is a valued feature. Thanks again!

  2. Kim,
    Thank you for taking the time to check out Spinscape and share your thoughts, we really appreciate your feedback. We are continuing to make updates and add new features to Spinscape to make it the best product available. A feature that you may find worth checking out is our Auto Discovery Plugins feature that is included in the premium package. It’s a feature that we feel really sets us apart from the crowd. We strive to make Spinscape a product that adds a ton of value, that you won’t find anywhere else.
    We truly appreciate your input.

    Shannon Schmalzried

  3. Hello Kim!

    Thanks for taking a look at Spinscape. Obviously there is a multitude of mindmapping options on the web market today. So, beyond collaboration and chat, Spinscape differentiates itself in its ability to:

    Share, collaborate and chat at the NODE level of any map. Collaborators can see the entire map, but can only edit specific areas.

    Add priviate nodes to collaborative maps with information that is only viewable to the creator.

    IMPORT information INTO a map – not only from web sources, but from table data, allowing you to visually map statistical data. This feature also allows us transfer maps from many other mindmapping applications into Spinscape for collaboration!

    We, too, see the value in Google apps as a collaborative tool, however it isn’t designed to be a visual tool, so we offer value in that aspect as well.

    Thanks again! I enjoyed your site.


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