Nominate an Outstanding Teen to become an Olypmic Torch Bearer

Although I am a huge Pepsi drinker and fan over Coke, I wanted to share this comment that I received on my blog about nominating a well-deserving teen to become an Olympic torch bearer.

Hi Kim,

My name is Kimberly and I work for a digital marketing agency. Our client Coca-Cola was01714awarded spots on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. 10 of these spots will be filled by teens from across the country who are champions of positive living, and make impactful contributions to their school and neighborhood.

Coca-Cola is looking for teens who have created recycling projects, physical activity programs, or any community initiatives that have resulted in positive outcomes for others. If you know a teen who displays these qualities and deserves to be an Olympic Torchbearer, visit and tell us about them!

Help Coca-Cola reward inspirational teens with a once in a lifetime opportunity to carry the Olympic Flame! Hurry, nominations must be received by  5/31.


I nominated a great teen and hope you do the same. This would be a fantastic honor for all the wonderful great teen role models out there. Be sure to check out this opportunity!

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