01514Those who know me well know that I am interested and fascinated by the advancements in webconferencing websites and tools. I have seen first hand how using this type of technology in the classroom is very cost effective when using only a laptop/computer, project, webcam, microphone and external speakers. Most classrooms have at least one computer setup in the room or have access  to the equipment just referenced. I have a wiki featuring tools, software, tips and strategies to use this medium to enrich instruction at As a result, I am always on the lookout for any type of tool or website that can assist people wanting to use webconferencing to bring in subject matter experts, extend the flat classroom or have students study and interact with different cultures around the world.

I recently came across a site called “Scriblink – Your Online Whiteboard“. This site allows you to invite Scriblink Whiteboardpeople to participate via a long distance phone call, VOIP, or via a URL. I created a test session at DD1CF8D347D14450E7E that you are welcome to click on to see the setup.

If you click on the ∏ (Pi) symbol you can access special math, symbols and characters. I tried to do this but could not get the special characters or symbols to embed in the whiteboard. You can upload images and have those embedded in the whiteboard as well.

The colors of the writing pen and pencil can be changed along with the thickness of each instrument. The background can also be changed and they have great choices to choose from. I couldn’t find a way to find a softer color as most of the colors for the background are very bright and wouldn’t be conducive in many collaboration sessions.

This has potential for classrooms that don’t have a whiteboard or if you wanted students to collaborate on one document/whiteboard area. You could also collaborate with colleagues online and use the URL for everyone to get together for a meeting. There are some exciting possibilities here despite the one bug that I encoutered. Overall, it is definitely worth checking out and giving it a trial run.

4 responses to “Scriblink

  1. Jessica Tipton

    I would love to try ScribLink, but every time I try to even get to the home page, it crashes my browser. My computer is only 1 year old and my husband’s is just 2 months old. Any ideas?

    • Hi Jessica and thank you for commenting on my blog post about Scriblink. The only thing that comes to mind that might be causing your browser to crash would be your antivirus software or your firewall. You may need to add the Scriblink site to the approved sites for your browser in the internet tools area. Have you tried emailing them? They might have more information but my guess is if you add the site to your approved sites for your browser it won’t crash anymore. Also make sure you have the latest version of java installed on your computer just in case that might be causing a problem for the browser you are using. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help – let me know if you still have problems accessing the site!

      Kim Caise

    • Hi Jessica! I am by no means an expert and haven’t used ScribLink extensively since you have to pay to use their collaboration features. ScribLink does offer great features that are convenient and unique but I wasn’t in a position of need to pay for them and will stick with Google docs for that purpose. Thanks for commenting on my blog and sorry I couldn’t help you more!

  2. I am a neophyte on web software. My problem is I cannot find instructions on how to get an IRL for Scriblink. Also how to make a session private with only invited guests. I would appreciate any help.

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