We Are Teachers Microgrants

micrograntAs part of the We Are Teachers community, I applied for one of their $200 microgrants.  The ten applicants who receive the most votes will win the money to fund the project described in the microgrant application.

My grant is about integrating fine arts in digital storytelling activities to increase student achievement, self-esteem and learning. Please take a few moments to visit the We Are Teachers site and vote for my microgrant entitled, “Whose Line is It?”. My application is listed as the last one of the first page of applicants at http://www.weareteachers.com/web/weareteachers/vote. At the time of this post I am in third place – please vote so that I stay in the top 10 and am award the microgrant funding! Thank you!


4 responses to “We Are Teachers Microgrants

  1. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

  2. Hi– my wife and I have been looking to move where there are good web 2,0 schools (who says layoffs are bad lol). Any advice?

    • Hi Pete! Thanks for taking time to comment! Unfortunately I am not the best resource but I know of Science Leaderhip Academy in Pennsylvani is an awesome school. There are several quality schools in Kansas, one in particular called the The Turning Point Learning Center. Those two campuses are extremely innovative and actively involve the students academically and technologically. There are many, many great schools in every single state but I don’t have firsthand knowledge of any except those two. Hope that bit helps!

      Kim Caise

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