“Who you Gonna Call? Bug Shooter!”

I finally found a Windows version of a screenshot application that is free and allows you to annotate the images from directly within the screenshot application. The application is called “Bug Shooting” and can be downloaded at the bugshooting.com website. While there are a variety of screenshot applications out there, I couldn’t find one that had similar features as that of “Skitch” which is only for Macs, until Bug Shooting.

bug-41With Bug Shooting, you can take a screenshot of a portion of a window or the entire area. You can assign shortcuts to the features of Bug Shooting and edit the screenshot from within the application. As you can see from the image on the right, you can zoom in on a specific part of the screen. You can also upload the screenshots directly to a variety of servers and applications. Besides annotating from within the screenshot program, being able to send directly to my email client or Skype will be a great timesaver!

The only thing I couldn’t do with Bug Shooting is to take a screenshot within Bug Shooting. Bug Shooting is only for PC’s running Windows XP or Vista. Although the Bug Shooting support page indicates that the program can be downloaded for Windows  32-bit operating system, it can be downloaded and used in the 64-bit version of Vista. The text below shows Bug Shooting’s response to a question posed by someone asking about Vista:

The windows x64 is not supported because of the Mail-Server which is implemented by using the MSMAPI. MSMAPI is not available for windows x64. This should be the only issue which not work on x64.

I asked my resident tech guru (my dear hubby) what MSMAPI was or meant and he said that MSMAPI is an acronym for Microsoft MAPI, an mail server like for hotmail or POP email accounts. Since I won’t be using Bug Shooting to take screenshots and have them sent directly to email that won’t be a problem for me. Other than not being able to send screenshots directly to my email client, Bug Shooting works fine on Vista x64 as you can see from the screenshots I took above. I think this is a keeper for me and I will not be needing an exterminator!

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