Life without MS Office?

I just bought a new laptop. After much consideration I decided to stick with Windows. I wasn’t a fan of Vista but after using it for a week I haven’t had any problems or difficulties. I am not sure what all the negative hype was about Vista but so far so good.

At present time I don’t have MS Office installed. The laptop came with MS Works although I am not a fan of this program. I considered downloading and using Open Office 3 but heard there were difficulties opening some files, especially Office 2007 files. I just recently read a post by Harold Shaw, “Life Without Office” in which he details his use of Thinkfree Office 3.

I checked out Thinkfree and learned Thinkfree isn’t free, the version linked above is $49 which pales in comparison to the Office 2007 price. With Google docs, Zoho and many other free web applications I am not sure that I would need Office. I do want and miss not having MS Outlook for email as I miss not having folders to store email. I am using gmail right now but don’t like being limited to only labels and filters in gmail. I haven’t tried Thunderbird but may look into that as using gmail is getting a bit tedious with the organization.

What are your thoughts and opinions on using Open Office or other web applications instead of using MS Office? Will I miss Office? Is there life without MS Office?

4 responses to “Life without MS Office?

  1. Have you taken a look at Office Home & Student 2007? Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote and is available on Amazon for less than $100. No Outlook however.

  2. I think you should look at Open Office which offers a lot of the same features. Many have looked at this as an alternative to MS Office because of the cost. This along with a Firefox product gives you many of the features MS Office offers. There is a learning curve though – it is not a big curve for the patient ones – Good Luck.

  3. I don’t have a PC (as you know) but I do have MS Office on my Mac because of all of the people who send me documents in Word. I don’t think MSWorks is a useful alternative at all! It can’t be opened by anyone who doesn’t have the application on their computer. I used to have university students who submitted assignments in MSWorks even though they knew Word was required and I could never open their assignments. So my question would be–do you have people sending you docs from MSOffice that you will need to open? If not, I think you have your bases covered with all of the options you already mentioned. Good luck! I think Google Docs is a great alternative for document creation!

  4. Thank you Chris, Marty and Peggy for your comments! I appreciate the feedback and your opinions on using Office or open source solutions. I am hesitant to give up using Office, especially since there isn’t an open source application that is comparable to Outlook, which I use heavily and as my blog reader. I don’t care for MS Works at all and won’t be using that at all. Whenever possible, I plan to use Google docs so I have access anywhere to my documents.

    Thanks for taking time to stop by and comment. Your comments are appreciated!


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