Four **FREE** Must See Sites that Won't Want to Miss – Part # 2


As stated previously, I am addicted to microblogging and have learned about fabulous resources that can be used in the classroom to enrich learning. In part 1 of this series, ‘Four **FREE** Must See Resources You Won’t Want to Miss’, I discussed using The second resource I would like to share with you is Flowgram.

According to the Flowgram website,

About Flowgram

We are building a new communications platform that lets anyone package and share anything on the internet in ways never before possible.

A flowgram combines the advantages of slide presentations and screencasts with an interactive user experience that fully exploits the fact that almost all the information we might ever need is already on the web.

Using the zero download Flowgram Maker, creators can assemble and annotate web pages, photographs, videos etc on any topic, and add a voice narrative which provides context, emotion and consistency. This uniquely personalized package can be shared as an embeddable widget, email or as a link to either a private group or with the world. Flowgram recipients can interact with any of its pages by, for example, clicking on links, and playing and pausing videos.

Some of the great Flowgrams I discovered at the Flowgram site are listed below:

50 Way to Tell a Story

Keeping Kids Safe on the Internet

Techcruch50 2008 Winners

50 Great Widgets to Add to your Blog

If you are familiar with the Adobe Presenter, plug in to PowerPoint formerly known as generating Breeze presentations, then you will have no trouble creating Flowgrams. Although that experience is beneficial, it is not necessary to create successful Flowgrams with audio. You will need an external mic to record the narration for each slide and a slideshow presentation in mind. The site has resources on how to create flowgrams and it walks you through the different process step by step.

When the flowgram is complete you can share it via email, embeding in a wiki, blog, or webpage. Flowgrams can be uploaded very easily to MySpace, Facebook and Youtube. You can read the background of how Flowgram got started, the things recently added to improve flowgrams and learn tips and tricks for creating exciting flowgrams.

I can definitely see great potential for creating and saving flowgrams for use in a variety of content areas and grade levels. Flowgrams could be used with a teacher is out and still provide quality instruction while the class is with a substitute teacher. As with, using Flowgrams the possibilities are endless. So go with the ‘flow’ and head over to!

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