Four **FREE** Must See Resources You Won't Want to Miss

Hello, my name is Kim and I am addicted to microblogging. Whether it be Twitter or Plurk it doesn’t matter as long as I am reading, collaborating, sharing, conversing, etc. An awesome mentor, friend and colleague, Peggy George, introduced me to Tweetdeck to view and follow tweets on Twitter. As a result of those tweets or plurks, I discovered some fantastic resources that I have to share with you. You may be familiar with some of the ones I will share, especially if we follow one another on Plurk or Twitter. I am going to do a four part series on these new resources that you won’t want to miss so be sure to stay tuned for all four postings. These four resources are not the end all to be all sites but they are new to many in the microbloggingsphere and have really been Anyway, on with the show!

Source: Glogster

The first site is Glogster. At Glogster you can upload pictures, add graphics and text to the pictures and create graphics to dress up blogs, wikis, websites or your avatars for various sites. You can be as creative as your imagination is capable of and the possibilities of designing graphics at this site is endless. The site is user friendly and phenomenal for creating exciting collages for homepages of wikis, blogs, websites or class projects.

I was looking through the ones that were shared at the site and there are some amazing creations to explore for ideas and motivation. Be cautious though and steer younger students away from the gallery if using with students as some of the creations are of adult content; not necessarily obscene or vulgar just of adult topics like rape or diseases. I saw one class creation of butterflies and a student example using the graphics at the site for a diagram similar to those created in Inspiration but more colorful.


Source: Pagesage

This Glogster is of a two groups of students paired up as Reading buddies. Hopefully the teacher who created this page had releases from the students’ parents but I wanted to share an educational example of but I wanted to show a glog used in the classroom.

Soure: Glogster Cybrarian

This Glogster is an example of a webquest that a teacher created for her students to use. The graphics are links to research sites and online activities the students need to complete. Students can create their webquests for other students or classes to complete to extend learning or enrich a classroom activity. Talk about creating excitement using such a creative, limitless tool! We strive for students to exert their independence and show their creativity and personal expression and Glogster allows students (and their teachers) to do just that by creating content area activities requiring the creative use of Glogster in an infinite number of ways for display. Take some time and explore and you will soon see the value and ideas rolling around in your head and students’ minds when you use Glogster!

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