GustavTracker via Twitter

Requesting help for assistance or aid from Hurricane Gustav just went high tech. If you know of someone that may be in the path of Gustav, please text or forward this information to them.

According to the GustavTracker page, tweets may be sent to request assistance or rescue and report if someone has safely escaped the destructive forces of Gustav.

All messages received at the “gustavhelp” or “gustavsafeTwitter accounts will be re-posted for public viewing here. PLEASE follow this public page if you are in a position to help. An RSS feed is forthcoming as we bring the site online.

Those affected by Gustav must first add “gustavhelp” or “gustavsafe” to their Twitter profile. This can be done using the internet or a cell phone if power or outages are in effect. The GustavTracker page continues with,

Due to Twitter’s limitations, there is no way for the public to personally respond to these messages. If a message does not have contact info, please email marina@marinamartin (dot) com and she will send a direct message back to that person.

The above may need to be explained to someone as well as how to use Twitter if the person is not familiar with the social networking tool. With the evacuation efforts and the use of Twitter, hopefully many lives will be saved. Additionally, if you are trying to locate the whereabouts of someone affected by Gustav, make sure to search the Red Cross Safe & Well site.


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