“Do You Believe in Me?”

“Do you believe in me?” That is one of the many questions Dalton Sherman, fifth grader in Dallas ISD, asks during his keynote speech for the start of the school year for Dallas ISD staff. This young man spoke to over 20,000 district personnel. His speech was so passionate, so right on for delivering a timely message for today, and so convicting.

I first came across this video that someone plurked about early in the week. I was so blown away that I didn’t write this post until a few days (besides I have been ill and bed ridden since Monday). I embedded the video into this blog post in the event that youtube videos blocked but then remembered in districts like my last school district all blogs, social networking, micro blogging and anything related to education outside the confines of the district walls are blocked. Regardless of where you view this video, take the next eight minutes or so and take in this inspiring message delivered by Dalton Sherman. I am quite certain this will not be the last time we hear a motivational speech by the young Mr. Sherman.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAMLOnSNwzA

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