Teacher Trek #3 Session

If you are available around 6pm CST (1800 GMT) please join Minhaaj ur Rehman and I for another session of Teacher Trek. This will be a first attempt for me to webcast solo (semi-solo depending upon how many technical difficulties I encounter and how many listeners join us!) Minhaaj will interview me and I will share briefly some great resources found at the DEN to complete my requirements as a STAR Discovery Educator.

As I was preparing and reviewing the resources at the site, the main thing I was going to direct your attention to was the Educator Resources. There are tons of blog posts, online articles and other resources on content area strategies, best practices and just about any aspect of education that you might encounter. Currently they are moving resources from an older location to the new location that I will show this evening and it appears that the resources are not accessible at the moment. Hopefully this will be resolved by the time of the show. If not, there are tons of other resources that can be shown at the Discovery Educator Network site.

Regardless, please feel free to join us or listen to the recorded streamed sessions after the sessions are posted online. And if we experience technical difficulties please offer your assistance and knowledge of webcasting troubleshooting.

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