Is your dance card filled?

While my ‘dance card’ isn’t necessarily filling up as others have posted on Twitter, I was pleased to receive notification that my presentation proposal was accepted for TCEA 2009. My presentation will be about using webcasting/live interactive videoconferencing with students to enrich learning. I have presented at TCEA on several occasions and it is always a great conference. In previous years hearing Ron Clark, Disney Teacher of the Year, and Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers, speak was so moving and uplifting. As the saying goes, attending those years was ‘worth the price of admission’!

At TCEA 2008, I was honored to be asked to present as part of the Technology Applications Teacher Network of Texas (TTAN) presenters and presented a variation of the session that I will be presenting at TCEA 2009. TTAN sessions are held the day prior to the TCEA conference when funding permits. Teachers are asked to present high quality technology lessons that teachers of all abilities, content areas and levels of experience can implement in their classrooms. Presenters share their strategy and show student products, projects and samples. I have found this one day to be even more beneficial than the regular TCEA sessions. The sessions that I attended the past two years were fantastic and if you are able to attend TCEA and TTAN is hosting presenters in 2009 I highly recommend you make time for these sessions.

Adding the full day of TTAN sessions to your TCEA registration, which opens in September, adds nothing to your total as all sessions are free to conference attendees but you must indicate the session on your registration. It is listed with the paid workshops although the TTAN sessions completely free. After the closing session at 4pm, those in attendance receive a cd with all of the handouts, lesson plans, and activities listed according to grade level and content area. The TTAN site has presentations from prior years and lots of other resources for teachers to use any time during the school year as part of their Best Practices Units resources. Hopefully they will offer a day of sessions for TCEA 2009 – we all know how iffy tech funding and tech budgets are nowadays and hopefully my ‘dance card’ of conference presentations will begin to fill to capacity!


One response to “Is your dance card filled?

  1. TCEA 2009 Needs a Jump Start

    I have been attending the TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) conference for a number of years and while the “dog and pony” show of the exhibit hall has slowly lost some of its luster, the workshops and keynotes have been very good. Now I think it’s time to look at those who really play a pivotal part in educational technology – the technical support staff.

    I have been a part of technology education for over 10 years, mostly in a support role. TCEA while organizers have put a lot of time and effort into the educational process of the conference, very little outside of the exhibit hall is available to technicians and helpdesk personnel.

    Vendors go out of their way to talk with us during the conference about support issues we may have within our infrastructure and to sell us on products and services which require more management time than we can provide. It would be advantageous to see workshops developed around support strategies that do not interrupt instruction.

    As many involved in technical support – customers are very hard to please. In the realm of K-12 Education it is even tougher, because there is no time to provide support when teachers are teaching the exams instead of the concepts and students are under intense pressure to learn.

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