Tweet Tweet!

No, I am not quoting lyrics from the Rockin’ Robin song. I was referring to ‘tweets’ sent by the people I follow on Twitter. Initially I wasn’t that impressed with Twitter and didn’t keep up with it until I met Topher Ziers who is the author of the blog, “Muve Forward“. We started talking about Twitter and I shared my initial impressions with him. He told me how he uses twitter and how informative twitter posts, or tweets, are for him. He shared how when he has needed information on a particular topic or educational issue he posted a question on Twitter. Within minutes, he had responses that he would not have been able to find via email, phone calls or posting to his blog about Second Life. After talking with him I decided to give Twitter a second chance.

After using Twitter for a few weeks now, I can definitely see how useful Twitter can be. The people I follow are educators and I have seen some very interesting tweets. There are tons of applications that make Twitter easier to use although it isn’t necessary to use those applications. You can post your Twitter tweets and follow others’ posts directly from your desktop, cell phone, or within a Firefox/Flock browser. A relatively new service that is now in beta is Twitterfone. Twitterfone allows you to use your cell phone to call a local number and have your voice tweet posted to those that follow you on Twitter. I received a tweet from someone who was accepted to use the beta version of Twitterfone and it sounds like a really innovative communication tool. If all of my students used this communication after school hours would be a lot easier and more convenient using Twitter.

The Twitter application that I currently use is Twitterbin which allows you to post and read tweets from within the Firefox/Flock browser. It is very convenient and accessible when I am reading the tweets from all of the people I follow. I have learned of new tech tools, software applications, blogs, websites, and a whole host of other useful and humorous information. So if you see me around feel free to send a tweet to @kcaise on Twitter. I doubt you will be disappointed if you give Twitter a chance.

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