Diigo in China

Last Monday morning you may have noticed some outages from social bookmarking tool, Diigo. That was due in part to the earthquake that shook China. At almost an 8.0 earthquake on the Richter scale, much devastation and loss of occurred. As an educator, I was particularly disturbed by one of the news reports that showed a young boy who survived several days and was being transported to the hospital after lying among the debris.

Many parents were shown waiting to hear the status from rescue workers searching among the debris of what was once a school full of lively students. With China’s one child policy, many parents have lost their one and only child. The father of the child that was rescued was elated and cried with joy while others wept that the boy was not their chid. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to be in that situation sitting on the sidelines desperately waiting for news on your child, hoping against hope that the news is good news that your child will soon be with you.

One of the Diigo founders, Maggie Tsai, reports on how the earthquake interrupted service and a meeting among the Diigo staff members living in the USA and China. Her report can be found at the Diigo blog. When asked how we could help she recommended donating to the Red Cross who is assisting with the disaster relief efforts.

She also included a link in our conversation within Diigo showing pictures from the area hit by the earthquake. This past weekend I saw a news story that showed a man was rescued from the mass of debris that had buried him for the past seven days. With the passing of each day, hopes of that this type of miraculous recovery quickly evaporates.

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