How do I create a Podcast or Vodcast?

While reading various educational blogs I came across the International Edubloggers DIrectory (while I was there I tooted my own horn and had my small little blog creation added to the directory!). I promptly got an email stating that my blog was now listed in the directory and I could post an image stating that I was a proud member of the directory. With that came another blog, email address and access to additional resources, blogs and wikis which led me to a Ning group at “Educational Technology – A Network for Educators Seeking to Leverage Technologies in the Classroom” .  There I found a post with step by step directions on creating podcasts and video podcasts/vodcasts. These directions combined with the resources shared by Miguel Guhlin in the post entitled, “Fabulous Podcast Resources” should enable even the ‘technologically’ challenged to created a podcast or vodcast. If the Ning site or resource websites are not blocked by your school district this would be a great post to share with other your colleagues and students. Try it out and let me know how it goes!

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