Second Life

After reading and seeing a great deal of hype regarding Second Life, I decided to check it out yesterday. I thought for sure there must be something to this. There are a great deal of articles about using Second Life in education and it was featured in sessions at NECC.

 Surely, I thought this would be something I would really be interested in. I signed up, logged in and my computer froze twice. Before it locked up the second time I walked around and did a search for some of the educational groups in Second Life. Maybe I need to read more about it to see what I can do but SL was to me like reading the Harry Potter books. I just couldn’t get into it. I tried and spent time, read wikis and visited the help section. Perhaps I just am not into simulated environments as I couldn’t get into the virtual kingdom by Disney.

 Any comments or suggestions about interacting in and navigating SL?


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